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Consumer Fraud

Complaints About Illegal Conduct and Consumer Rights: (Financial Fraud, FDA Violations, Off Label Promotion, Kickbacks)

WJA attorneys are highly experienced in litigating and trying cases involving complaints of financial fraud, tax and pension mismanagement, product safety consumer defects, FDA regulations and violations, off-label promotions and kickbacks. In 2017, WJA team obtained a historic $25 million whistleblower verdict on behalf of a medical-device salesman, who complained about off-label promotion, FDA violations and illegal kickbacks to doctors. Every year, WJA routinely obtains millions of dollars for their clients’ whistleblower claims.

Many of our clients work in highly regulated professions: law enforcement, drug manufacturing and sales, medical devices, finance, consumer products and healthcare. Examples of claims include a report by nurse of patient care or a report by a medical device salesman to upper management about illegal kickbacks from doctors. Employees do not need to know or report the exact law that is being violated. A simple complaint by a store clerk about expired meat or milk in violation of FDA guidelines or a complaint by an accountant of inaccurate or false tax return filing in violation of tax laws, is more than sufficient to trigger whistleblower retaliation protection.

You can read more about Off-Label Promotion here.

Client Reviews
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that led to yesterday's outcome. I really truly appreciate all that you have done over the last two years. The good guys prevailed!!! You really do provide a valuable service to the world in protecting the rights of good people who have been harmed. And it's always nice when we can make money while also doing good in the world. Rick