Class Action Lawsuits

Under California law, an employee may maintain a class action to recover overtime pay or underpayments of minimum wage on behalf of himself or herself and others similarly situated. If the class is certified, recovery may be had on behalf of all class members who do not affirmatively “opt out” of the action. In addition to the amount of minimum wage or overtime pay due, the court may award interest thereon and reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit.

Also, a class action may be premised upon an employer's failure to provide required meal or rest periods, or an employer’s failure to reimburse necessary work-related expenses incurred by the employee. Employees may also enforce their compensation rights through class action lawsuits based on unlawful deductions from bonuses, as well as class action suits based on improper classification as “exempt” from overtime provisions.

Contact a class action attorney at Workplace Justice Advocates, a Professional Law Corporation, regarding any potential claims against your employer for wage and hour violations.

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