Pregnancy Disability Leave (“PDL”) and Pregnancy Accommodation

After childbirth, an employer must grant the employee medical leave for a reasonable amount of time. Under the California Family Rights Act (“CFRA”), a woman has up to 12 weeks of leave following childbirth to bond with her baby or adopted child. Additionally, under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (“PDLL”), an employee may be entitled to up to four months of pregnancy disability leave if she is disabled by her pregnancy or a pregnancy-related medical condition. In other words, a woman disabled by pregnancy who then gives birth may take up to seven consecutive months of job-protected leave.

Also, an employer must make reasonable accommodations for a pregnant employee. For example, if the employee is working a job that causes bodily strain or stress, she can request to be moved to a less strenuous position. The failure to reasonably accommodate a pregnant employee constitutes an act of discrimination.

If your employer has violated your rights to pregnancy disability leave and/or failed to accommodate your pregnancy, call a pregnancy disability lawyer at Workplace Justice Advocates, A Professional Law Corporation, to discuss your legal options.

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