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Retaliation for Reporting Harassment or Discrimination

An employee's formal or informal complaints to the employer regarding unlawful employment practices (such as discrimination or harassment) is a “protected activity” under California law, and any adverse action taken against the employee after such complaints may constitute illegal retaliation. It is important to note that it is immaterial whether the employer’s practice was actually discriminatory. As long as the employee had a reasonable and good faith belief the employer's practice was unlawful, the employee’s opposition is protected. Also, the law protects employees who participate in any manner in proceedings, hearings, or investigations involving allegations of illegal discrimination. In short, this means your employer cannot punish you for speaking to a government investigator or testifying truthfully in a court of law or at a deposition.

If you believe that you have been retaliated against or terminated for reporting discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or for participating in any proceedings involving discrimination, speak with a retaliation attorney at Workplace Justice Advocates, a Professional Law Corporation.

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