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Q: How much does attorney charge for legal services?

A: Most cases are taken on contingency basis, meaning that you do not have to pay anything until the attorney gets a judgment or a settlement on your behalf. After the settlement/judgment is obtained, the attorney’s fees are paid on a percentage basis. For other cases, attorney bills the client by the hour. We provide free case evaluation.

Q: I am still employed and I think my employer is mistreating me. I am afraid that if I involve an attorney, I will lose my job.

A: Most employers are reluctant to fire an employee who has legal representation. If you are fired from employment after you write a complaint or get attorney involved – this might be grounds for employment retaliation. In most cases, however, attorney involvement helps employees resolve their issues with the employer.

Q: I was just laid off from a company. The company is offering me a severance, they say it is a standard amount. Should I accept it?

A: It depends on the facts of your case. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate a higher severance payment. In many cases, attorney Freeze has been able to get higher severance payments for her clients.

Q: I was fired from my job. I was told this was due poor performance (or bad economy). Doesn’t this mean I have no claim?

A: At-will employment means that your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason. While employers generally have broad discretion when it comes to terminations, an employer cannot fire an employee for an illegal reason! Usually, employees are let go for business reasons, most popular are: poor performance or “bad economy.” However, in reality, an employer might be simply covering up an illegal reason (called “pretext”). An experienced attorney will be able to determine whether your termination was legal or illegal.

Q: I don’t get along with my boss. She/he is mistreating me. Can I sue him/her?

A: Only if the boss is mistreating you for illegal reasons: e.g. gender/race/national origin/ religious/disability discrimination, for complaining about your wages or harassment to the company human resources, for getting pregnant or developing a serious illness, to name a few. An attorney will need to review your case in detail to see if your boss is mistreating you for illegal reasons. However, it is not illegal to be a “jerk boss.”

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that led to yesterday's outcome. I really truly appreciate all that you have done over the last two years. The good guys prevailed!!! You really do provide a valuable service to the world in protecting the rights of good people who have been harmed. And it's always nice when we can make money while also doing good in the world. Rick